Chapter 3

They sat on the bus, leaving school. School went fine for Clara, it’s almost the end of the year and she couldn’t wait for summer. Damien had become one of her closest and only friend at the school. He was sweet. She was his only friend too, which she liked. They were inseparable and they spent most of their recess talking about all these comics they read together or movies they watched together. 

For younglins, there schedule of friendship was pretty old. They called each other and watched television on the phone late at night. Her mum and dad didn’t mind, they actually encouraged her to make a friend. 

The best part about Damien was that he always listened to her problems or her dreams. He loved the stories she would tell during their lunch break at school about the Doctor. She would retell the stories the best she could remember that her mum had told her the night before. 

Eventually he just ended up spending the night and her mum would tell them the story together as they both fell asleep on opposite sides of the bed. Damien was the only she knew who didn’t have this illness the girls at her school called cooties? She didn’t quite understand it, in fact when her and Damien first spent their time together, the girls tried keeping her away, pretending to be her friend. It didn’t make much sense to her.

Damien seemed perfectly healthy. He was funny too, not boring or gross. He was sweet, as she said before. He would hang out with Dad a lot too. They would talk about boy stuff when she would go to dance classes or go shopping with her mum. On the way home, Damien fished through his backpack, frustration all over his face as he rummaged through papers and books to find whatever it was he was looking for. 

"Whatcha looking for?" Clara asked, trying to lift her chin up to see inside. He would draw it closer to him, hiding it from her. She pouted, crossing her arms across her chest. "It’s a surprise Clara!" He kept searching through, she smiled excitedly as she waited for him to find it.

"Can I at least have a hint?" She pleaded. 

"No! Now close your eyes or else I will tickle you," he threatened. 

She gasped and shut her eyes tight, her smile widening as something papery fell into her hands.

"Can I open them now?" She whined. 

"Yup!" He whispered loudly. 

She shot them open, staring at the golden wrapped up present in her opened hands. As she was about to open it, he grabbed it back. 

"Hey!" She pouted again.

He laughed, “I want you to promise me something first?”

She looked at him curiously, “What?”

"That you’ll always wear it. Cause you’re my best friend.. and I found it in my cereal box!" 

She looked up at him again, grinning. 

"Promise?" He asked.

She nodded, smiling as if it were obvious she would the keep the promise.

They wrapped own arm around the other, spit in each hand and shook on it.

She frowned, “I didn’t get you anything Damien.”

His voice squeaked, “It’s alright. Just keep your promise Clara.”

She stared down at it in fascination, “What is it?”

He grinned, “Open it.” 

She hurriedly unwrapped the present, opening the box. She popped open the lid and pulled out a painted on golden ring. Engraved in it was Oswin Oswald. A super hero on a comic they had read together. It was her favorite.

She almost screamed and then she wrapped her arms around him tight, laughing in excitement. “You’re the best!” She stuck it on, it barely fit as it kept falling off her undersized fingers. 

"I thought it wouldn’t fit," Damien said as he pulled out a chain. He grabbed the ring and sliding it on the chain and then hooking it on around her neck. "Cool," she muttered happily.

The bus came to a stop in front of her house. Damien and Clara jumped out of the bus running inside, reading to play hide and seek with her father.